1. Get onboard

BEAM is only available on our trains. So hop on and get comfy.

2. Get connected

Select virgintrainswifi in your settings, (don't worry, it's free to access BEAM).

3. Go to BEAM

You’re all set. Hit the button below to check out all the great stuff available.

BEAM avaliable on most devices

BEAM still not working?

If BEAM isn’t working make sure you’re connected to the correct WiFi network. Look for ‘virgintrainswifi’ on your network list. If there are several with that name, just select the one with the strongest signal. Once you’re connected hit the above button again.

Your BEAM questions, answered.

Is BEAM free?

Yes! Whether you’re in First Class or Standard, access to BEAM is completely free. Just head to VTHub.uk to access.

Can I use BEAM after getting off the train?

You can only access our content when you’re onboard our trains but if you haven’t finished what you were watching, BEAM will remember where you got to as long as you’re using the same device. Clever.